How to improve your odds of succeeding when playing poker online (IDN)


The gambling scene in Indonesia can be complicated for outsiders to understand at first. It has strict regulations on banning any kind of gambling, but the market continues to grow every year. Some platforms manage to allow users to play poker online IDN, while others get taken down by the authorities. So, when you do get access to these online platforms, you want to make the best of the opportunity.

Even though the authorities prohibit online poker sites in IDN, a lot of users get access to the right online poker services. This means the skill level and competition is also growing.

So, whether you’re just starting with online poker or you’re an experienced player, these tips will let you get the maximum even out of ordinary hands.

Playing better poker online (IDN): Tips and Tricks

  1. Stay observant

The first and most basic rule in poker (online or offline) is to pay attention to what’s happening around you. Keep track of your opponent’s betting patterns and cues. With enough practice, you’ll develop how to read players and their playing style even if you can’t see their faces.

  • Avoid being the first to limp.

Limping is when you directly call the big blind before the flop. It’s especially important to avoid if you’re the first to start the play.

For one, you’re better off raising pre-flop because you have a better chance at the pot. Secondly, you give the subsequent players more incentive to play in, which lowers your odds. If you’re opting for limping, make sure you’re one of the later players, and your odds are higher on the flop.

  • Develop the instinct of knowing when to fold

One thing that sets apart the pro poker player from the amateur is knowing exactly when to fold. Sometimes, it can mean having to let go of a top pair when you can tell that the other player has you beat.

It’s a difficult skill to master because our default instinct is to try and win or stay curious about the outcome. If you do fold, make sure you remember the context and situation. This way, you can assess yourself and repeat the right moves or avoid the same mistakes next time.

  • Don’t force yourself to play.

Poker, like any other betting game, can be addictive. And it demands both focus and composure. If you feel like you’re not in the best of mindsets, don’t force yourself into a game. You’ll play your best poker when you’re in the right state of mind.

  • If you’re a beginner, start with the lower stakes.

For someone just starting, the lower stakes give you multiple advantages. The first benefit is that you can understand the online platform at your own pace. Secondly, you don’t have to worry about risking a bigger bankroll even as you’re learning how to play. Even if you’re experienced at real tables, it’s a good idea to gradually progress from smaller tables when you first venture online.

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